Applied Environmental Metagenomics and Infectious Diseases Research (AEMIDR)

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Welcome to the Applied Environmental Metagenomics and Infectious Diseases Research (AEMIDR), we are temporarily hosting our site here until we move to a permanent domain. We are in the era of science revolution; the “omics” technology revolution is in vogue. The extent of this new era cover is holding a new grip on how biological science is being done. It is in the spirit of this omic platform AEMIDR sort to bridge the application of this biological technology in Nigeria and Africa. AEMIDR can become the leading centre of genomics research in Africa. The years of devoted work on studying DNA which is the core of genomics technology gave birth to the current advancement. As the technology continues to improve it is hopeful more new breakthroughs will be made and the technology is likely to be ten times faster and a tenth of the cost.

The challenge to genomic scientists is to take advantage of the enormous power and scope of this new technology. It is no small challenge, because it involves change in mindset, learning new skills, embracing new approaches, defining new questions and much more. There are many parts to this process and we wish to fill in the techbology application to answering some of our environmental and health challenges.

The AEMIDR, established in May 2017, is response to many unanswered, unknown, unexplored environmental and health challenges in our immediate community. The AEMIDR focus spans but not limited to the Natural Sciences and Health Sciences. Its principal aim is to research and apply genomics in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research projects, collaborate together with individuals, public and private organisations, governments on projects from across sectors and training for anyone.

Reflecting the breadth of research interests across the AEMIDR, we divide the research activities of AEMIDR into 3 major sectors:

  • Environmental Genomics
  • Human and Health Genomics
  • Food Genomics

We are open to wide range of research opportunities outside our current research scope. At present the AEMIDR comprises 5 research staffs, 2 collaborators, and 4 undergraduates. This team includes some of the brightest researchers in academic, but with a good number of young developing researchers. Everyone is welcome to partner or interested in becoming part of the AEMIDR are welcome to contact the Director.