Our approach

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The AEMIDR group is working to be one of the best, breaking barriers and changing the status quo of how research is conducted in Nigeria.

In line with this, we are committed to:

  • the advancement of knowledge on our local settings with international significance through thorough research investigation;
  • the utilization of learning for the advantage of society;
  • Fostering strong collaboration with our local communities, and cooperation with different international institutions and organisations;
  • Capacity building through research collaboration.
  • effective correspondence of information in a dynamic learning condition which helps the public understand their environment,  and community.

Such responsibility guarantees that we persistently seek after perfection and innovation in wellbeing and environmental health research, inclusive of teaching, and ensuring best expert practices. We employ various extensive interdisciplinary research approach that foster relationship between researcher within and outside borders.

The below is a few tools and toys we use in our study:

    • OSP
    • GIScloud
    • CartoDB
  • Sensorpush