Osuolale, Olayinka

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Dr. O. Osuolale is a Microbiologist within Department of Biological Sciences at EU. He completed his post-doctoral training in environmental microbiology and a specialized training in advanced clinical microbiology.

His PhD, that included a period of time in the University of Fort Hare, investigated the presence of infectious enteric viruses and bacteria from effluents discharge. His study helped identify the significance of poorly treated effluent discharge on the environment and public health of the Eastern Cape region, South Africa. This established an interest in Microbial Ecology, Infectious diseases study and in particular metagenomics.

Dr. Osuolale leads the AEMIDR group that investigates the application of metagenomics to understand the Nigeria microbial ecology and infectious diseases: current projects include the Earth Microbiome project, MetaSUB consortium project, Indoor air quality (microflora) project, Dengue virus and leishmaniasis project.

In EU, he is helping training and developing new generation of young scientists. He is particularly interested in women in STEM, hence he is committed to training young girls. Dr. Osuolale is an avid learner, this he demonstrates through exploration of new ideas and concepts.  He is an adventurer and loves travelling.